AYO starring Voices of Glory

AYO starring Voices of Glory

AYO...Oughta Be Called WOW! Hands Down A SMASH Hit!


Type: Live Show
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  • Andy Williams Performing Arts Center
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AYO starring Voices of Glory is a SMASH Hit!

Some very famous siblings, Michael, Avery, and Nadia Cole, who together are known as Voices of Glory star in AYO.  

AyoStarringVoicesOfGlory002611754751 10153456205523828 7529746716211697946 oWhile AYO oughta be called WOW...the name AYO is Yoruba for Joy and the show does take audiences on a joyful journey using song, dance, lights, a live band, and the personalities of Michael, Avery, and Nadia.  AYO starring Voices of Glory features original music, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock and Gospel.  Michael Cole says, “We love the music and we love what music can do for people.  In AYO we want the audience to feel what we feel when we sing – a pure call to joy!"

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While Voices of Glory were in the Top 5 in their America’s Got Talent season…today in AYO they’re in a league all their own.  Audiences are raving about Branson’s newest smash hit and you will too! 


AYO starring Voices of Glory adds a whole new level to the Branson show scene and delivers an epic adventure in pitch perfect sound, light, dance, fun, and joyful emotion!  Nadia Cole says, “AYO adds another facet to the Branson show mix. While AYO features our original music, and of course our gospel favorites, it also reaches out to visitors of all ages with current and familiar songs that speak to the musical soul.” Avery Cole adds, “AYO is also a slang term for ‘Hey you’…and we’re hoping that just like that term reaches out and grabs your attention…that AYO will reach out and grab your heart!”

11127214 10153215121798828 3882197129902345381 nShows are at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center in Branson Missouri. 

The Cole siblings unique style of singing harmonies, pitch perfect sound, and shining personalities have led to some amazing success. From landing in the Top 5 Finalist in America’s Got Talent to being a featured act in Andy Williams Christmas Show, the Voices of Glory have inspired millions with their personal story.

11144989 10153284155263828 321656741550253160 nThey started to sing together in 2007 when their mother was in a coma brought on by a head-on collision with a drunk driver. For months they serenaded their mother and she eventually came out of that coma. Their most recent international appearance took them to Germany for Weihnachtszauber. Of their many charitable and recording projects, their new album called “Send-A-Miracle” includes some of their own original music and there is a new book, “Higher Than Me: The Story of Voices of Glory” by Claudia Stewart Farrell, chronicling their heart touching story.

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