"it" show starring the Hughes Brothers

Prepare to be Blown Away!


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  • Hughes Brothers Theatre
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Prepare To Be Dazzled! Shout copyLeague

  Audiences areRaving about the "it" show! SEE "it" to get in on the Excitement!

the "it" show is 45 amazing singers, dancers, musicians, and performers who create  the Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

While the "it" show features the "world's largest on-stage performing family"...

...the size isn't what makes the "it" show so remarkable, "it" is the astonishing scope of talent combined with the powerful emotions and astounding production all on one stage!


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Out of the clever artistry and inventiveness of the Hughes Brothers comes the brilliantly produced "it" show!

"it" is a complilation of 30 years of show biz excellence, wrapped up into a single incredible experience.

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SEE "it" - the charismatic and dynamic Hughes Brothers, their stunningly beautiful wives, the sensational heart-throb teens, the ridiculously talented children, the award-winning live band, the colorful array of brilliantly conceived costumes, vibrant innovative lighting, over-the-top production numbers, and lively captivating original choreography.

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HEAR "it" - spine-tingling harmonies, soaring powerful vocals, virtuoso instrumental performances, infectious comedy, intoxicaqting multi-layered musical arrangements of the best in pop, rock, R&B, country, classical, Broadway, patriotic, and gospel music.

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FEEL "it" - the deep and powerful emotions singularly
captured by the most dynamic and compelling family in business today!

"it"transcends mere entertainement; delivering everything you want in a Branson show...and more.

You will absolutely LOVE "it"!

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