Acrobats of China | New Shanghai Circus

Acrobats of China | New Shanghai Circus

"Wow"! "Awesome"! "Astonishing"! "Exciting"! "Unique"! Incredible! Acrobats of China


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The incredible Acrobats of China featuring New Shanghai CirclusThis fast-paced show features modern day human performance art & classic Chinese Dance. Revolving line-up of award-winning acts.  "Wow"! "Awesome"! "Astonishing"! "Exciting"! "Unique". A MUST see Show!

Incredible! Acrobats of China!

Acrobats Of China FenMO AerialLeague

Astonishing Aerial Art and Ballet!

See the award-winning Jinan Acrobatic Troupe! 

"Hands down the Best Branson Acrobats show we've ever done!" says Lovely Fish, Director of Sales. Don't miss it!"    

DSC 1543League

   Colorful Costuming!            

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   We Love to Entertain!                                     


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NH3C6683LeagueAlso enjoy the show before the show!

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.