Law Enforcement Week

June 11-18, 2022

Each year in June the Branson/Lakes Area hosts the annual "Law Enforcement Recognition Week." The community invites active and retired law enforcement personnel and their families to come for a weeklong series of events. During that week we pay tribute and honor those of you who serve and protect, as well as your families [...]


Celebrate the New Year!

December 31

Party in Branson!

If a spectacular countdown party is your style, many Branson shows offer an end-of-the-year celebration with a special version of their show, party favors, drinks, food, balloon drops, and more! You'll find shows with champagne toasts, and family-friendly versions with alcohol free beverages. It's also a great [...]



74th Adoration Parade

December 4, 2022

In its 74th year, the Branson Adoration Parade has been delighting residents and visitors with Branson's oldest and most cherished Christmas Tradition with the lighting of the city's Adoration Scene and the annual Adoration Parade that follows. Held in Historic Downtown Branson, this is one of the [...]



Veterans Homecoming Week

November 5 – 11 every year!

Branson's Veterans Homecoming is the largest event of its kind in the nation, and the perfect way to pay tribute to the many men and women who've protected our freedom over the years. Dedicating an entire week to our nation's veterans, the Branson area makes sure to show thanks and respect [...]



Shopping in Branson

Shop 'til you drop. From Downtown Branson (be sure to check out Dick's 5 and 10) to midway down "the strip" at Grand Country Mall to the far west end of the strip at IMAX Entertainment Complex, experience a wonderful shopping spree in the Live Music Show Capitol of the World. In between make a stop at the theaters and [...]