Elvis Live!

Elvis Live!

Jerry Presley, pays tribute to his cousin, and the legend, Elvis Presley.


Type: Live Show
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  • Jerry Presley's God and Country Theatre
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Three powerful concerts performed in tribute to his cousin Elvis Presley!

Aloha From Hawaii: Jerry brings to life the classic 1973 record-breaking Elvis concert, “Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite”.
Mon & S Sat  @ 8:00 pm
Elvis Gospel Revival:: Jerry and the TCB Quartet bring Elvis’ gospel roots to life in this uplifting and moving concert that relives his gospel influence and music.
Sun @ 8:00 pm
Madison Square Garden:: Jerry recreates Elvis’ 1972 Madison Square Garden sold-out concert. This is a high-energy performance that barely gives you a chance to catch your breath between each rockin’ song!
Sun @ 8:00 pm (April - Sept) ----- Mon @ 8 pm (Oct - Dec) 

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RAsZIfbpMQ