Yakov, Famous Russian Comedian

Yakov, Famous Russian Comedian

Make America Laugh Again!


Type: Live Show
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  • Yakov's Theatre
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America desperately needs a laugh and Yakov Smirnoff, the King of Cold War Comedy, is the man to Make America Laugh Again! Fresh from touring the world and with plenty of new material from the political scene, Yakov delivers huge laughs while sharing unique insights into life in these United States. During the show Yakov goes from “Red to Redneck”, gives a heartfelt salute to Lady Liberty, conducts a Presidential press briefing, and more. When the Famous Russian Comedian says, “What A Country!” You’ll feel like standing and cheering for the Red, White, and Blue! Yakov says, “My fellow Americans I promise to bring you plenty of love and laughter during my show in Branson!” (And he’s not ‘Putin’ you on!)